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Here are some videos I've recorded to answer your most frequent art questions.

You asked...I will answer!

My Insider's Studio offers tips, tricks and more to help artists create lasting work they are proud to share. In fact, I answer your art questions and more live on Facebook every Sunday in the group! Curious? Here's a taste based on your most asked questions or art challenges! See a question or problem that resonates with you? Check out the video to help! 

How and when do I use varnish?

You're in luck! Here is my Varnish 101 video to get you started.

There are so many painting supplies out there. Where do I start?

I have a long running grudge against art teachers who expect everyone to have vast treasure chests of expensive art supplies. You don't need them! This video will walk you through some key supplies and why you'd want them--and you won't break the bank! If you're interested, this is a list of stuff I wish someone had told me about sooner

Do I really need a mat?

Yes! You do! And I'll tell you why AND how to use them!

Wow canvas is expensive! How can I cut corners?

Stop right there! In this video, I'll explain why quality canvas is important. I promise, it's worth the investment!

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