Independent Art Sales Online Mini-Course

with Amanda Evanston

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Do you…

  • Have an existing body of original art work?
  • Enjoy creating and can see yourself doing it as a full time job? 
  • Want to transform your art making hobby into a profitable business?

Yes? I thought so. Then this mini-course is for you!

Tell me more.

When I first started selling art, I scoured the internet for advice on how to make it as an independent artist. And found nothing. Sure, there were tips here and there but nothing from any artist whose entire job and household income was driven by art sales.

I want better for you! That's why my business partner Kiki and I came together to create this mini-course. (More on us below - we can't wait to work with you!) By following the formula outlined in this mini-course, we transformed our business into one that brings in over 6 figures in art sales alone each year. We want to share with you the tips and advice we wish we had five years ago when I first dove into art sales.  And, we're doing it for only $9.99. Let's go!

I'm Ready to Sell!

What's Inside?

In this 30-minute self-guided course, we cover everything from debunking common myths on selling art to a proven formula to help you start selling. We'll talk making your art marketable, growing your audience, finding the right sales platform for you and more!

If you enjoyed this course and want much more, we offer a 5 session course for you

I have a few more questions...

Meet Amanda and Kiki

I’m Amanda: painter, maker, teacher. My earliest memory is of finger painting in the bathtub with a bowl of leftover chocolate pudding. I haven't stopped painting since! When I paint, I can feel my cells shift. This is what I am meant to do. Painting is not only my gift and my livelihood, it is my privilege, and one that I wish to share with as many people as possible. - This means you! I believe people live better lives in the presence of original art and it’s my job to keep up the supply chain. After years of selling and teaching, I have come to the indisputable conclusion that people who make art on a regular basis are always the happiest people around. Always. Even better - turning your art-making into a business. I’m so glad you are here!

And I'm Kiki. I'm probably the polar opposite of most of the creative and artistic types but I both enjoy collecting original art and sharing what I've learned through working with Amanda to help artists succeed. Prior to joining Amanda Evanston Inc., my professional background was in the finance industry specializing in business operations. I'm happiest when I'm helping people make money doing what they love. As Amanda's BFF and business partner, I've helped her grow multiple successful businesses over the years and I can't wait to do the same for you! Welcome!