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Confession: I'm great at making mistakes. As someone who sells her artwork for a living, I have tackled countless subjects and styles, averaging somewhere around 70% failure rate. No really. 70% of stuff I start never makes it across the finish line. And that's okay, because it makes me really good at generating clear and effective roadmaps for success. This stuff doesn't come to me easily, but I know the route. I'm like a sherpa but I wear sequins and carry paintbrushes. Come with me!

Browse the videos  below to access free painting tutorials. Looking for answers to frequently asked art questions on varnish, supplies and more tips and tricks? I'm here to help!

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If you liked these wildflowers, you'll love these Insider's Studio classes!

Wildflower Mountain Meadow: Let's activate an alpine landscape with flowers and fields in bloom.

Cloudscapes and Stormy Skies: Have you ever looked at a stormy sky and felt an overwhelming urge to capture it in your head like a photo? GOOD. That’s the vibe we are going for. 

If you liked painting drip angels, you'll love these Insider's Studio classes!

Abstract Heirloom Angels: Come along with me as I show you how I make my signature collage angels, step-by-step, full size and in miniature.

Doves and Swallows: Birds of a feather flock together! Let’s take these distinctive silhouettes to new heights with colors and patterns of all varieties. 

If you liked painting daffodils, you'll love these Insider's Studio classes!

Abstract Peonies: My most popular in person workshop is now online! Peonies, in all their ruffled glory, are some of the most forgiving flowers when it comes to paint. 

Bottlescape Florals: Florals take on a new look and feel when you place them in a circus of bottles and cups.

If you liked painting spider trees, you'll love this Insider's Studio class!

Snowscapes and Snowmen: Come paint a swirly whirly winter nighttime scene. This is another example of a simple landscape painting using reductionist techniques.

If you liked shadow botanical painting, you'll love these Insider's Studio classes!

Floral Collage: If you're into dynamic shapes, you'll love experimenting with collage and flowers. Let’s have some fun tearing up old artwork and refashioning it into multi-dimensional still life scenes. 

Leaf Monoprints: Grab some interesting leaves, a stack of juiced-up chaos layers, a little paint, and a couple of paint pens....BOOM. Magic is here!

If you liked gelli print botanicals, you'll love this Insider's Studio class!

Rainbow Fish: Let's make magical summer striped fish with an inspired pull palette. This is another painting that finds simple forms in colorful chaos.

If you liked painting fun and fast Christmas trees, you'll love these Insider's Studio classes!

Collage Christmas Tree Adventures: The Christmas tree is an iconic shape that lends itself to almost any scene or subject. Let’s put our scraps to work in new forms of mixed media!

Llama Holiday: Who doesn’t love a llama?! Come learn to paint a llama’s friendly and distinctive face with some added holiday flair!

Need supplies?

Browse my Big Fat List of Favorite Art Supplies

I have a long running grudge against art teachers who expect everyone to have vast treasure chests of expensive art supplies. You don't need them! This is a list of stuff I wish someone had told me about sooner. Let me at it! Want more? Check out my answers to frequently asked art questions for a video all about supplies!


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