A 2-course series

Brushless Botanicals

Creating botanical masterpieces using paint and fingers. No brushes allowed!

Each is a self-paced course that is roughly two hours long. You will need additional drying time between layers, but no special skills or expensive materials are required.

Brushless Botanicals courses are sold separately and can be done in any order.

Let's Paint!

This series is for people who want to:

  • Know they are capable of self-generated acts of beauty.
  • Have someone to guide them through a no-fail method and new technique, then take it into new directions.
  • Stop making decorative objects and start making art that is meaningful, personal, and expressive.
  • Add new ideas and techniques to established art practices.
  • Learn to appreciate art made by others, including a little taste of art history.
This is not a series for people who want to make something to match the couch.

Yes, I want you to go home with something beautiful. Something you’ll be proud to hang on your wall and show your friends. But more so, I want you to learn that art is available to you and within you. It always has been.

What's the deal? Painting without brushes?

Almost every day I receive an email from someone with a story they need to get off their chest. They tell me how they were shorted or shamed into thinking they were not capable of creating art – a teacher, a parent, a friend, someone saying, “Don’t worry you are good at other things!” Or “It’s okay, your sister is the creative one.” And from that day forward, they ignore the gift that lives inside. They do not exercise their artistry. Not with paint, or even their opinion. Forget about painting pictures, they didn’t even have the confidence to pick a paint color for their bathroom. They never purchased art or visited a museum because they never learned to appreciate what art has to offer. They believe they are not “good” at art and therefore they do not deserve to have it in their life. My mission is to end this sort of garbage thinking. Today.

When I’m teaching classes in my studio, and I come across an adult who is struggling to enjoy the process, I find the quickest way to resolve the problem is to take away the paintbrush and replace it with another tool. A cotton swab. A piece of cardboard. A clump of yarn.

Somehow, by removing the brush, and the lifetime of stigma that it carries, it removes a barrier between new artists and their art. The process is no longer about the pursuit of perfection but the exaltation of the process. All of the sudden, they like the paint. The paint likes them. They go away wanting more. And a week later I get an email with photos of all the cool stuff they made that week and an explanation about how,

“My mom always thought my sister was the artistic one in the family. Ha! Wait until she sees her Christmas present this year!”

I cannot tell you how much joy those emails bring me. This is why I created this series, Brushless Botanicals. No brushes. Familiar imagery. New territory and techniques. Old masters for inspiration. This combination has proven itself as a breakthrough formula time and time again. I cannot wait to see what it does for you.

Choose your course from this series:

course 1

Spaghetti Monet (Water Lilies)

The water lilies are here! Inspired by Claude Monet's iconic and most beloved series of paintings, this course will take a new and exciting look landscape painting through new eyes and techniques.

As with Chagall Trees, this course will not use brushes. We'll start by swiping the surface with blocks of color, then blocking out basic shapes and exciting new ways of mimicking the waters surface with...that's right: spaghetti.

The class will begin with a brief appreciation lesson on the master artist, Claude Monet. We will examine his life, the evolution of his work, his gardens at Giverny, and the nearly 30 years he spent fixating on the waterlilies in his pond. If you think the waterlilies are just a pretty picture to put on your tote bag, you don't know Claude Monet!

Paint A Spaghetti Monet
course 2

Chagall Trees

Trees! Luscious, vibrant, color-rich, energy-filled tree paintings. MADE BY YOU. And the best part? You’ll make them using your first and favorite set of tools: your fingers.

As Episode One of the Brushless Botanical series, this course will not use brushes. At all. We will pair an old technique with a new method and come out with something glorious!

The class will begin with a brief appreciation lesson on the artist, Marc Chagall. We will examine his life works, his ability to weave memory and symbolism into any piece, and take his style and palette for inspiration. After that, we will dive into the paint full force.

Paint Chagall Trees

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In Case We Haven't Met...

Hi! My name is Amanda.

I’m a painter, a maker, a gallery owner, mom, and sometimes I teach art to people who think they are not artistic. Over the years I have taught thousands of individuals how to create beautiful and meaningful works of art. I'm so glad you are here!