Independent Art Sales Online 

with Amanda Evanston

Next Course will be in 2022. Stay Tuned!

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I have an existing body of original art work but am nervous about trying to sell it.

I love creating and want to sell my work but am intimidated by all of the "business stuff".

I have an existing online business that I'm hoping to grow but need to find more collectors.

We get these comments ALL the time.

That's why we are launching a brand new course - Independent Art Sales Online. 

If you are ready to turn your art practice into a profitable business, you are in the right place. 

Interested? We thought so. 

Our Story

We are Amanda and Kiki - best friends, business partners, and opposites in almost every way you can imagine. We began working together shortly after Amanda dove into independent art sales online as her full time job. Amanda is the creative genius behind her empire and Kiki is the business mind. (More on us below - we can't wait to work with you!) Together, we grew the Amanda Evanston business into one that brings in over 6 figures in original art sales alone each year!

We learned a lot in the past five years and looking back, would've saved ourselves a lot of trial and error had we had a course like this when we were starting out. We want better for you so are here to help! Through this 3-week course, we are going to take a deep dive into independent art sales online and share with you all the tips and advice we wish we had when we first dove in. Let's go!

Is this course for me?

This course is for artists who are ready to turn their art-making hobby into a profitable business and are looking for guidance to get started.

This is for people who...

  • Have an existing body of original art work and are open to turning out consistent volumes of work on a regular basis  (read: you don't need months to finish a single piece).
  • Can see yourself making art as a full time job.
  • Are comfortable (or willing to learn to become comfortable) with sharing your work in photos and on social media.
  • Understand that building an art business means some aspects will feel like a job. 
  • Are open to trying new tactics to increase sales.

If this sounds good to you, this course is for you! Let's go! 

We understand that this course isn't right for everyone. This course is not right for you if you...

  • Turn out a low volume of work.
  • Find your lowest-price pieces are multiple thousands of dollars (numbers are flexible but if the term "affordable art" is not appealing to you, this is not your party).
  • Looking to rely on third party representation such as galleries, art shows, or agents. 
  • Are looking to learn how to make art. (If so, I have some great self-paced e-courses and an online painting membership that may be right for you!)
  • Feel unwilling to share work online or have an online presence.
  • Just want legal or tax advice for your business.

There are a lots of different kinds of art and lots of ways to sell it. This course is not for everyone. 

What's Inside?

There's so much packed into the 3-weeks dedicated to this course. And, you'll have access to the course videos and materials for a full year after you sign up! By enrolling in our Independent Art Sales Online Course, you will get...

Five Sessions Geared Toward Turning Art Making into a Profitable Business

Each week when the course is in session, we will launch one or two new Sessions. We've been collecting your questions on selling art for some time, and hope to answer most throughout this course. We'll dive deep into why a cohesive style and knowing your why is important, how to reach future buyers, what sales platform is right for you, best practices and some bonus extras! And each session comes with optional homework and exercises to help you put what you learned into practice.

A Facebook Community of Likeminded Artists Looking to Grow Their Businesses

During the three weeks the course is in session, you'll have access to a Facebook Community where you and fellow students can share ideas and ask questions of Amanda and Kiki during our weekly chit chats. Of course, you can also reach us anytime via email.

Tying it All Together

This course will be peppered with bonus extras diving deep into topics like how to price art, how to photograph art so it sells and more. And each week comes with optional exercises to help you put what you learned into practice. We want you to finish the course with an actionable plan to start or grow your online art business!

How does this work?

This course is for those who have an existing body of work and are ready to start selling or grow their business. We want to make sure those that take it are invested and that this will be a good investment! That's why we are opening up enrollment by application only. Stay tuned! The application to apply for the inaugural course is coming soon and class will be in session this fall (full schedule below)!

If accepted, you will receive an enrollment link via email. As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the course introduction and schedule and receive a link to join the private course Facebook Group. Then, over the three weeks, you'll get a new session every few days. A few days after each session, we'll talk about what we learned and answer your questions during a live chit chat in the Facebook group. 

If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Course Schedule*

*Schedule is subject to minor changes.

  • Monday, October 25: Session 1 Launched - Develop a Cohesive Style
    In this session, we will walk through why it is essential to have a cohesive, recognizable style if you want to sell art online and how to get there! We will also answer common questions like what type of art sells best, how to ensure art will last, and how often to reevaluate your style.
    • Wednesday, October 27: Facebook Live to discuss Session 1

  • Thursday, October 28: Session 2 Launched - Know Your Why
    We'll talk how knowing your why and how to succinctly communicate it is key to connect with future buyers and will walk you through how to share your why. We will also talk about why naming art is important, how to decide on a collection and more.
    • Monday, November 1: Facebook Live to discuss Session 2

  • Tuesday, November 2: Session 3 Launched - Reach Future Buyers
    In almost any successful business, the key is relationships. Here is where we dive into how to build and connect with future buyers by using social media, email and more.  We'll talk how to be engaging online, what an active social media calendar looks like, and how to broaden your audience beyond family and friends.
    • Thursday, November 4: Facebook Live to discuss Session 3

  • Friday, November 5: Session 4 Launched - All About Sales
    In this session, we will dive into the various online sales platforms and why having a sales platform is essential to establish authority and trust. We'll also answer questions on discounting art, advertising, sale timing and more.
    • Tuesday, November 9: Facebook Live to discuss Session 4

  • Wednesday, November 10: Session 5 Launched - Best Practices
    For our fifth and final session, we'll talk about why setting goals and measuring progress is imperative. We will then dive into best practices and cover everything from overcoming hesitation to self-promote and commissions to logos and business licenses.
    • Friday, November 12: Facebook Live to discuss Session 5 

And this schedule doesn't even include all the bonus content we have in store for you! We cannot wait to join you on your art selling journey!


Meet Amanda and Kiki

I’m Amanda: painter, maker, teacher. My earliest memory is of finger painting in the bathtub with a bowl of leftover chocolate pudding. I haven't stopped painting since! When I paint, I can feel my cells shift. This is what I am meant to do. Painting is not only my gift and my livelihood, it is my privilege, and one that I wish to share with as many people as possible. - This means you! I believe people live better lives in the presence of original art and it’s my job to keep up the supply chain. After years of selling and teaching, I have come to the indisputable conclusion that people who make art on a regular basis are always the happiest people around. Always. Even better - turning your art-making into a business. I’m so glad you are here!

And I'm Kiki. I'm probably the polar opposite of most of the creative and artistic types but I both enjoy collecting original art and sharing what I've learned through working with Amanda to help artists succeed. Prior to joining Amanda Evanston Inc., my professional background was in the finance industry specializing in business operations. I'm happiest when I'm helping people make money doing what they love. As Amanda's BFF and business partner, I've helped her grow multiple successful businesses over the years and I can't wait to do the same for you! Welcome!

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