How to Price Your First Collection Mini-Course

with Amanda Evanston

Start Selling!

Let's talk money. 

Does that sound familiar?

Do you…

  • Have an existing body of original art work?
  • Want to transform your art making hobby into art sales?
  • Plan to sell your art in collections?
  • Need tips on the best way to objectively, fairly and consistently  price your art in a way that benefits your collectors and sets you up for success?

Yep? I thought so! This mini-course is for you!

Tell me more.

I am an independent artist whose entire job and household income is driven by art sales. Best. Job. Ever. How did I get here? One key component was to be fair, transparent and consistent in pricing my work. 

By using the information I outline in this mini-course, I accomplish a few important objectives:

  1. I know my base cost per piece so price my work in a way that turns a profit. Each year I bring in over 6 figures in art sales alone. 
  2. I price my art in a way that's consistent across the board and easy to explain to collectors, which builds trust.
  3. I have a strategy behind when I give myself a raise and by following it continue to grow my business. 
  4. I don't rely of galleries, grants, or third-party venues for art sales. 

I want to help you do the same.

One of the most frequent questions I get from artists looking to sell is "How do I know what to charge for my work?" That's why I am sharing all of my pricing tips and tricks with you -- and I'm doing it for only $9.99. Let's go!

I'm Ready to Sell!

What's Inside?

In this 45-minute self-guided mini-course, I'll guide you for a formula to use to fairly price your art, talk about why consistent pricing is important, and dive into how you can calculate your base rate and price your art so you turn a profit and make room for growth. 

Full disclosure. This and my business partner Kiki's and my Independent Art Sales Online mini courses are just the tip of the art sales iceberg. We plan to launch a much more in-depth art sales course later this year. Stay tuned for announcements on this later in 2021.

I have a few more questions...

In Case We Haven't Met...

I’m Amanda: painter, maker, teacher. My earliest memory is of finger painting in the bathtub with a bowl of leftover chocolate pudding. I haven't stopped painting since! When I paint, I can feel my cells shift. This is what I am meant to do. Painting is not only my gift and my livelihood, it is my privilege, and one that I wish to share with as many people as possible. - This means you! I believe people live better lives in the presence of original art and it’s my job to keep up the supply chain. After years of selling and teaching, I have come to the indisputable conclusion that people who make art on a regular basis are always the happiest people around. Always. Even better - turning your passion into a business. I’m so glad you are here!