Hiya! I’m Amanda.

I’m a painter, maker, artist, and a bunch of other names for things that look cool on a business card.


Because the truth is we are all born to make art, I’m just one of the few who gets to do it for a living. By that fact alone, in the grand scheme of humanity, I have already won the lottery. This is a great job. When I am mixing paint and getting ready to apply it to the canvas, I can feel my cells shift. Can’t tell you where that comes from, but I suspect it means I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. This is it. I am here. This is now. The flowers are calling my name! And perhaps they are calling yours too. Thank you for your interest in my work. I am so glad you are here!

"Why should I pay you to be my art teacher?"

Because I’m not an art teacher, I’m an artist who happens to teach.

I’m here to get you results. Listen, I love art teachers but most of them are caught up on teaching curriculum designed for small children or theory-based learning. That’s not my lane. The way I see it, you are coming here with a lifetime of seasoning and visual understanding, and even if you don’t know the terminology or ‘rules’ we can hurry up and skip to the good stuff!

I don’t have a lot of natural talent.

This is a good thing. I’m a terrific artist, but little of it came to me naturally, so, I can show you the nitty-gritty of how to do the work. That isn’t even an option for someone whose talents just fell in their lap. If you want someone who will break stuff down to the essentials, that's me.  

I’m not worried about you copying me.

No really. I don’t teach stroke-by-stroke methods.I design the classes so everyone’s work comes out different. Even if you find your work similar in to mine in subject and style, I’m delighted if you choose to share it or sell it, no credit needed. A lot of art instructors will show you how to make work just like them but ask you to keep the results to yourself, which is a real bummer. You don’t have to worry about that with me.

I get a weird thrill out of proving people wrong.

After a lifetime of hearing people say painting was difficult, indulgent, and a one-way-ticket to poverty… it brings me great joy to now make art as a thriving career and owning a business that supports my family and multiple employees. It’s a lot of fun. The only thing more fun than my success is taking part in your success. Shall we get started? !

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