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  • Make art on a regular basis AND LOVE THE RESULTS?
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  • Stop seeing art as just decorative objects - start seeing (and making!) art as a vital form of expression?
  • Switch up your regular routines and materials?
  • Gain confidence in your artistic abilities?
  • Make a commitment to do something for yourself?

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What exactly is the Insider's Studio?

The Insider's Studio, a monthly membership that provides weekly lessons, a community of supportive artists, and so much more is for beginning and seasoned artists alike. Translation: this is a safe space for you to learn and grow as an artist while supporting others on their art journeys. 

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Join Insider's Studio and get...

Access to 300+ Painting Classes

Flowers, figures, landscapes, techniques, and so much more! Most classes are 30 minutes or less and aim for high-impact results. 

Class Every Single

And bonus classes from guest artists multiple times each month!

A Supportive Community

A private Facebook group to share your work, ask questions, and be surrounded by people who want to see each other succeed! 

Live Q & A

Similar to office hours, you can drop by virtually any Sunday at 5 p.m. Eastern to ask questions about classes, share ideas, or just enjoy a friendly chat. 

Weekly Emails

Every Sunday morning, your inbox will receive a nifty treat, The Glamour Possum Express, chalk full of community highlights, tips, tricks, announcements, links to recent and upcoming classes, and more!

Member Challenges

Looking to level up your art practice? We have a new challenge for interested members every month!

Zoom Open Paint Sessions

For those that want to get to know fellow members better, we offer some live Zoom gatherings each month where we chat, paint and have fun!

Monthly Mail Art Opportunities

Do you love snail mail? Each month we facilitate an organized opportunity for members to send and receive happy mail through themed art swaps or Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) mail art challenges. Get ready to expand your original art collection!

Calendar o' Fun

With so much going on, we publish a calendar each month for members! You can do as much or as little as you want. As a member, you'll never have to worry about keeping up - you can drop into classes or the community at any time. 

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in case we haven't met...

Oh, hi there!

I’m Amanda. I’m a professional painter, a mom, a business-owner, and a world-class chocolate croissant enthusiast. You will never meet anyone who loves their life as much as I do. It was not always like this. It took me years to find my way here and I’ll tell you one thing: Everything that is good in my world started coming my way the day I started investing in my own art. Everything. It was the best decision I ever made. It is now my pleasure to share this gift with others. That's why I started the Insider's Studio. I'm so glad you are here!

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“The best decision I have ever made.”


“Lots of content and specific techniques.”


“Incredible group of people. And we’re dang fun!” 


When you join Insider's Studio, you get...

Immediate access to a growing library of 300+ art classes

With a new online painting class every Tuesday you'll never run out of inspiration. Most classes are under 30 minutes and aim to ensure each person's results look uniquely their own. Take any class any time and at your own pace! Click here to see the full list!

Supportive group of creative people like you

The Insider's Studio has a private 24-hour Facebook Group for sharing work, tips, questions and more. With smaller focal groups, monthly zoom sessions, original art snail-mail swaps, and's easy to make new friends and support each other's journey. You are welcome to come and sit with us! 

Live Q&A Sessions every Sunday with Amanda

In addition to scheduled classes, join me for a live Q&A every Sunday and periodically post rambles offering tips, tricks and insight into my experiences to help you grow as an artist.

Bonus Fun!

Members also get frequent bonus classes, guest artists, member challenges, art swaps, Open Paint Zoom sessions, and more! 

Want More?

Here's a peek at the most recent class calendar

And this doesn't even include the bonus classes, Q&As and other opportunities to paint, learn and grow. 

Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all of these classes as soon as you join!

These are the classes that are already inside! 

You will also get new classes every Tuesday, plus additional bonuses throughout your membership!

Botanical Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Botanical Classes:
  • Abstract Peonies
  • 12 Florals in 12 Minutes
  • Bottlescape Florals
  • Tulip Garden Magic
  • Ice Cream Florals

Landscape Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Landscape Classes:
  • French Lavender Field
  • Barn and Farm Fun
  • O'Keefe Inspired Dessert Landscape
  • Harvest Moonscape
  • Easy Lighthouse Landscapes

Figures Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Figures Classes:
  • Abstract Heirloom Angels
  • Birds On a Wire
  • Photo-based Pet Portraits
  • Jellyfish in Motion
  • Sparkle Sheep

Objects and Still
Life Classes

object and still life

A small sampling of the most popular Objects and Still Life Classes:
  • Teapots and Coffee Cups
  • Collage Cakes
  • Dublin Doors
  • Blue and White Ginger Jars
  • Apples with Matisse

Technique Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Technique Classes:
  • People Pieces
  • Stained Glass Neutrals 
  • Color Exercise: Oops Bin Challenge
  • Shade and Dimension Essentials
  • The Embroidered Canvas

Holiday Fun Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Holiday Fun Classes:
  • Nutcrackers 101
  • Poinsettia Party
  • Christmas Wreaths by the Dozen
  • Collage Christmas Tree Adventure
  • Snowscenes and Snowmen

Tools for Artists Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Tools for Artists Classes:
  • Art Journaling for All
  • Art Prompts and Creativity Exercises
  • Bad Mood = Good Art

Wearable and Home Goods Classes


A small sampling of the most popular Wearable and Home Goods Classes:
  • Abstract Silk Scarves with Guest Artist Beth Newman
  • Botanical Stencil Tote Bags
  • Denim Jacket Adventures with Guest Artist Beth Newman
  • Painting on a Pocket

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