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Oh hi there!

I’m Amanda. I’m a professional painter, a mom, a business-owner, and a world-class chocolate croissant enthusiast. You will never meet anyone who loves their life as much as I do. It was not always like this. It took me years to find my way here and I’ll tell you one thing: Everything that is good in my world started coming my way the day I started investing in my own art. Everything. It was the best decision I ever made. It is now my pleasure to share this gift with others. That's why I started the Insider's Studio. I'm so glad you are here!


Are you looking to…

  • Make art on a regular basis AND LOVE THE RESULTS?
  • Join a supportive community that seeks solutions and celebrates your success?
  • Stop seeing art as just decorative objects - start seeing art as a vital form of expression?
  • Open your eyes to selling your work online?
  • Switch up your regular routines and materials?
  • Gain confidence in your artistic abilities?
  • Make a commitment to  yourself to grow as an artist?

Yes? I thought so. Then the Insider's Studio is for you!

What is the Insider's Studio?

The Insider's Studio, a monthly membership that provides weekly lessons, a community of supportive artists, and so much more is for beginning and seasoned artists alike. Read: it is a safe space for you to learn and grow as an artist while supporting others on their art journeys. Before I get into the details of what comes with your membership, I want you to hear directly from artist members about how they have been transformed by being part of the Insider's Studio.


Tell me more...

Here are a few highlights of what you'll get as part of the Insider's Studio. 

A Growing Library of Art Classes

With a new online painting class every Tuesday, some live, you'll never run out of inspiration. Classes cover everything from technique to Disco Chickens to cloudscapes. Take them any time and at your own pace!

A Supportive Group of Creative People Like You

The library of classes is just the start. The Insider's Studio has a private Facebook Group where your fellow artists share their work, tips, ask questions and more.

Tips, Tricks, and More

In addition to scheduled classes, I host a live Q&A every Sunday and frequently post mini-classes or rambles offering tips, tricks and insight into my experiences to help you grow as an artist.

Check out what members have made!

These incredible pieces, stemming from Insider's Studio classes, were made by a variety of beginning and seasoned artists alike. Can't wait for you to join in the fun!

So you are interested in joining the Insider's Studio.

Let's answer some questions...


Doors open in February 2021!

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