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Secret Garden

Welcome to The Secret Garden! In this class we will create a variety of floral still-life scenes, covering everything from classical painting techniques to newer, more modern, and occasionally down-right weird methods of making art. It'll be wall-to-wall flowers and it’s going to be so much fun! If you haven't taken a class with me yet, I recommend starting here!

$68.79 USD
Let's Make Flowers!

The Art of Abstract Faces

Faces tell stories like no other subject. With the turn of an eyebrow or the curl of a lip, and artist can transform a simple portrait into a compelling story. But, because faces are also our most familiar subject, we need to explore new ways of looking. Let the faces dance! Let them dance in paint!

$68.79 USD
Let's Go!

Leader Blooms

Let one or two flowers steal the show! Let the under layers of the painting dictate how it wants to be seen. Knowing how to see flowers in any given abstract is the hardest part of the process. Being an artist is 10% knowing how to make things, 90% how to see things. So get your glasses on, it's time to do some looking!

$68.79 USD
More Flower Time!

Trees in Four Seasons

Trees in Four Seasons is a four-part, beginner-friendly, self-paced, online painting course. You will shock yourself at how easy and enjoyable it is to make beautiful creations with your own two hands.

$68.79 USD
Time for Trees!

Brushless Botanicals

This two-course series is for people who want to release the art that lives inside of them. The courses, Chagall Trees and Spaghetti Monet (Waterlilies), each start with a brief appreciation lesson on the artist and then dive into painting.

Each is a self-paced course that is roughly two hours long. Brushless Botanical courses are sold separately.

$68.79 USD each
Time to Paint!