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The Art of Abstract Faces

Faces tell stories like no other subject. With the turn of an eyebrow or the curl of a lip, and artist can transform a simple portrait into a compelling story. It is an ever-fascinating adventure. But, because faces are also our most familiar subject, we need to explore new ways of looking. Examine the form with fresh eyes. Scatter our research findings and gather it all together again in interesting ways. Let the faces dance! Let them dance in paint!

Let's Paint!

Tell me about the course!

The course is self-guided through four distinct video sessions, each designed to leave you with finished artwork.
Session 1

Blind Contour and Chaos

Get ready to rumble! Let’s start by scraping away any existing ideas of drawing or painting. Embrace simple tools and looking with your eyeballs upside-down.

Session 2

The Rembrandt Face

Photographers have borrowed Rembrandt’s lighting techniques for decades. We are going to borrow them right back in how we approach highlight and shadow.

Session 3

The Mr. Potatohead Method

Remember playing with your old Mr. Potatohead doll as a kid? How fun it was to compose the face and then change the look by adding a new mouth or ears or glasses? That’s exactly what we will be doing here with collage.

Session 4

Hair, Headdresses and Context

Want to change the look of a face? Add hair. Or a hat. Or a tiara. The simple addition or contextual information can cast the subject in entirely new ways.

Bonus Session 5

Scrap Jacks 

Let's break loose of the flat canvas and take our faces to a new dimension, literally!  These 3D faces are made with painted cardboard, heavy scrap paper, or leftover paint pallets - get ready to raid your scrap stash and have some fun!

Ready to Get Started?

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Let's Dive In!

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