A Cup of Art

Art Making Adventures in Process and Paint

Discover the power of creating as a means of self-expression.

Sometimes words don’t always capture what we want to say. Art making can bridge that gap. 

That's why I joined forces with Beth Newman (the mastermind behind this initiative) to deliver sessions that fill your cup with art

No special skills are required. Bring an open mind and a willingness to listen to your heart. Let’s go!

Fill My Cup!

Browse our cup of art offerings below - there is a session for everyone!

Lightening the Load: Process Art Inspired by Heavy Burdens

Join Beth Newman in creating process art to help lighten the load of some of the burdens we carry.

$29.79 USD

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Beyond Perfect: Embracing Mistakes and Thriving Beyond Perfectionism

This creative session, guided by Amanda Evanston, will help you examine the role of perfectionist tendencies in our everyday lives. Creating art without preconceived notions is a great place to start. 

$29.79 USD

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Maternal Expressions - Process Art Inspired by Moms

This art making session, guided by Amanda Evanston, will be an adventure in process and paint, with a special focus on the profound influence of mothers in our lives.

$29.79 USD

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Seeds of Friendship

Join me - Beth Newman - on a creative journey to explore the significance of friends in our lives through paint and process art. 

$29.79 USD

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Contact me by visiting this webpage or emailing [email protected].