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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is waiting for you. Inside, we will create a variety of floral still-life scenes, covering everything from classical painting techniques to newer, more modern, and occasionally down-right weird methods of making art. It'll be a wall-to-wall flower-palooza and the party is just getting started!

Let's Paint!

Tell me about the course

wondering if you're in the right place?

Good question! Are you...

  • Looking for no-fail methods for painting show stopping, high-impact, expressive floral artwork?
  • Hoping to stop making decorative objects and start making art that is both frame-worthy and meaningful. 
  • Searching to add new ideas and techniques to your established art practice?

Yes? I thought so.

Welcome to The Secret Garden!

What Happens When You Sign Up

You'll have access to the full course 30 seconds after you finish registration. It's about four hours of video split into three key sessions; Composition, Form, and Color; plus a bonus session concentrating on a larger piece. Each of the three key sessions (more on these below) will go through three separate paintings, and the bonus session goes through one large painting. So, if you follow along, by the end you will walk away with ten finished paintings, or more! Let's keep these florals coming!

Here's a quick snippet of what's inside this course:


So encouraging and doable!

"I have taken numerous online art classes over the years and have NEVER achieved the level of competency from such excellent instruction! Amanda has an amazing understanding of how to breakdown basic art concepts so you can follow along, allowing you to create art that will blow your mind! I love that you don't have to spend a fortune on supplies that you will never use again. I have a basic art-lovers background and have found a new past time, even considering selling my work! NO KIDDING! Best money EVER spent." 


Fun, flashy, fabulous!

"I have been LOVING the class!!!! Amanda makes learning easy...I had no idea I could paint like this.  there wasn't a long supply list, her relaxed and giggly personality make the class no stress... FUN FUN FUN is all I can say! My 10 year old and I have a date tonight to do some chaos layers together and my mom bought Amanda's class too so we have had fun talking about it. She is bringing joy to three generations of my family!! Amanda shares herself so completely and encourages others to be creative and non critical of themselves, this class has been enlightening on so many levels. What a treat... thank you!!!"

Madelieine L.

The most fun and informative class I have ever taken.

"I learned so much from Amanda and have been involved in art and teaching art for years. She opened my eyes to a whole new approach to painting. I still watch the videos long after I have taken the class. She is pretty funny with all her boops too. Love her, her class, and her gracious and thoughtful insights. Wonderful class for beginners through advanced artists, of all ages."

Susan O.

Tell Me About Each Session

session 1


Let's make a basic bouquet, grounding it in the most ideal location for visual success.

session 2


Simple ideas to elevate your brushwork, infusing intention and energy into every stroke.

session 3


Take on multiple no-fail techniques for building a diverse palette, using both classical instruments like the color wheel, as well as some of my favorite apps (everyone loves that last part!).

BONUS: session 4

Big, Loose, Light

By popular request! After years of feedback, I took the most frequent questions and requests and distilled them into a session all about painting big, loose, and light! At the end you will walk away with a giant high-key floral painting with all the loose and energetic trimmings!

Yeah, it's time to join the party!

I'm interested but I'm a visual person.
Any images of results?

The before/after photo below is from Kristin who is in her 30s, but had very little experience painting before.

“My only prior painting experience was limited to paint-by-numbers. This class changed my entire perspective on art. This is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Thank you so much!”  - Kristin

Please understand, this is not a stroke-by-stroke class. I am not teaching you to copy a single image; I am teaching you a time-tested recipe for building an infinite variety of floral artwork. Beginners and seasoned artists will both learn something new!

Get In On the Action!

Here's another peek inside the course and my no-fail floral methods

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I Have A Few More Questions...

In Case We Haven't Met...

Hi! My name is Amanda.

I’m a painter, a maker, a gallery owner, mom, and sometimes I teach art to people who think they are not artistic. Over the years I have taught thousands of individuals how to create beautiful and meaningful works of art. I'm so glad you are here!