Welcome to the Secret Garden!

Start Painting!


I'm so glad you are here! The Secret Garden is waiting for you. Inside, we will create a variety of floral still-life scenes, covering everything from classical painting techniques to newer, more modern, and occasionally down-right weird methods of making art. It'll be a wall-to-wall flower-palooza and the party is just getting started! 

Wondering of you are in the right place? Good question! Are you...

  • Looking for someone to guide you through no-fail methods and new techniques to take into new directions?
  • Hoping to stop making decorative objects and start making art that is meaningful, personal and expressive?
  • Looking to add new ideas and techniques to your established art practice?

Yes! I thought so. Welcome to the Secret Garden.

What Happens When You Sign Up

You'll have access to the full course 30 seconds after you finish registration. It's about four hours of video split into three key sessions; Composition, Form, and Color. Each of the three sessions (more on these below) will go through three separate paintings, so, if you follow along, by the end you will walk away with nine finished paintings, or more! Let's keep these florals coming!

Here's a quick snippet of what's inside this course.

Let's Paint!

Here's what Secret Garden artists have to say:

Better than I expected!

 Amanda does a great job of breaking the steps down and explaining the process very thoroughly. She made it very simple and fun. We didn’t need a lot of supplies which also made it easy. I was very happy with the results. I would definitely take another online class with Amanda!!

-Lori P

I cannot recommend this class enough

I have admired, loved and bought Amanda's work for years. It never occurred to me as a non painting art enthusiast that anything approaching her level of amazing would be attainable. But that’s how good a teacher she is! My fifteen year old daughter (who is a highly self critical perfectionist) and I decided to do it together and we are having such fun! Not only has it been a great bonding experience for us, but it has taught us so much about how there are no mistakes, how to be more accepting of where we are, and of how we can still create something full of joy and beauty no matter our level of experience. I can’t recommend Amanda's class highly enough. Take it. You won’t be disappointed!


A fantastic amount of teaching at an affordable price

Amanda teaches in detail, very clear and articulate. She’s lots of fun too. Comes with access to a wonderful group of encouraging people on Facebook. Great video and sound quality. I’m an experienced painter and found a lot of worthwhile take away in the course. Thank you, Amanda.


Here's another peak inside the course and my no-fail floral methods


Tell Me About Each Session

Session 1: Composition

We learn how to make a basic bouquet, grounding it in the most ideal location for visual success. 

Session 2: Stroke

We learn how to elevate our brushwork, infusing intention and energy into every stroke. 

Session 3: Color

We learn multiple no-fail techniques for building a diverse palette, using both classical instruments like the color wheel, as well as some of my favorite apps (everyone loves that last part!). 

I'm interested but I'm a visual person. Any images of results?

The before/after photo below is from Kristin who is in her 30s, but had very little experience painting before. 

“My only prior painting experience was limited to paint-by-numbers. This class changed my entire perspective on art. This is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Thank you so much!” - Kristin


Please understand, this is not a stroke-by-stroke class. I am not teaching you to copy a single image; I am teaching you a time-tested recipe for building an infinite variety of floral artwork. Beginners and seasoned artists will both learn something new! Want more photos? Check out #thesecretgardenartists on Instagram or Facebook.

Let's get started!

We will start by creating a chaos layer! (This course is not for people who want full control over how exactly their painting will end up. This course is as much about the journey as the final painting and you may be pleasantly surprised at where the art takes you!) Here's a peak into this method. Let's get messy!

Start your flowers!

In Case We Haven't Met...

Hi! My name is Amanda. I’m a painter, a maker, a gallery owner, mom, and sometimes I teach art to people who think they are not artistic. Over the years I have taught thousands of individuals how to create beautiful and meaningful works of art. I'm so glad you are here!