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Trees in Four Seasons

Have you always wanted to learn to paint a tree lined landscape?

This is a four-part, beginner-friendly, self-paced, online painting course. You’ll discover how painting works - I’ll teach you simple tricks for making a piece look convincing, dynamic, artsy, energetic, even if you are a 100% novice, you are going to proud to hang your work on the wall - and anyone will look at it and assume you purchased it from a professional. You will shock yourself at how easy and enjoyable it is to make beautiful creations with your own two hands.

Let's Paint!

Tell me about the course!

Session 1


It’s all about getting comfortable with materials and textures.

Session 2


We’ll add on top of the winter tree trunks and learn the essentials of perspective, light and shadow.

Session 3


This is when we make the shift from decorative objects into meaningful works of art, creating with intention and integrity. Bring some gloves - it’s going to get messy!

Session 4


We wrap up the growing seasons and everything explodes into a hurricane of color and collage and you won’t be able to stop yourself from making 100 more.

What Are You Waiting For?


"I have learned so much about abstract art techniques from this course, and I love the results! I am so pleased with the final product, too. I love my trees paintings. I am so glad that I have a year to finish it that way I can create the season of trees during the actual season. So far I have completed the winter and spring tree landscapes. Now that summer is finally here, I will soon be exploring the summer tree-scapes."

Scott R.

A dream of an online class!

"My 14 year old daughter and I did Amanda’s online class together and it was amazing! Her instructions are clear and the projects are easy to follow and have terrific results. Amanda is the teacher I wish I could have had in my youth art classes. She encourages you to let yourself free from the stress of following rules and just lets you enjoy the process of making something beautiful. The tree paintings we did now hang proudly in our house and we are looking forward to taking more classes soon! I highly recommend doing this class with children as the paintings turn out so well that the kids will gain so much confidence. Highly recommend!"

Sarah P.

Trees in Four Seasons is a must take class!

"I loved this class! As someone who wanted to paint but was scared to start ...this class was the perfect jumping off point. Amanda is an amazing teacher who has the ability to make that scary first step loads of fun. She opens the doors to creativity and welcomes you to the playground. My husband could not believe the paintings that came out of this class. I have not stopped painting and have since taken every single one of Amanda's classes."

Jennifer B.

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I Have A Few More Questions...

In Case We Haven't Met...

Hi! My name is Amanda.

I’m a painter, a maker, a gallery owner, mom, and sometimes I teach art to people who think they are not artistic. Over the years I have taught thousands of individuals how to create beautiful and meaningful works of art. I'm so glad you are here!